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Game of Drones

Game of Drones

Game of Drones

A Deep Dive into the Drone Vertical

What will the future look like?
With all of the innovations being developed today, people often wonder what our near future will look like and which technologies will be implemented on a large scale to simplify and improve our lives. Let me paint a picture…
It is the year 2035 and Bob is looking forward to visiting his friend Alice. Upon waking, he goes into the bathroom to brush his teeth and receives the latest news through his bathroom mirror. Bob lives in Paris but Alice lives in Amsterdam in a house built using 3D-printer technology. Bob could arrive at Alice’s house using an autonomous car service or take a drone helicopter taxi. But instead of traveling for six hours, he decides to use the Hyperloop and pay for his ticket with Bitcoin. Traveling by Hyperloop will only take 30 minutes! At the Hyperloop station, a Humanoid robot preps Bob for his ride by giving him specific details. When Bob arrives, Alice is bed bound due to an unfortunate electric scooter accident. But she pre-approved Bob’s entrance to her home using his smartphone so Alice doesn’t have to trouble herself.
So what do you think? Does this slice of the future seem possible to you? I certainly believe it is; developers are already working on developing and tweaking all of these solutions. So it’s quite possible that they will be regulated and implemented into our society in the next 20 years. Let’s take a look at recent developments in the drone industry with an emphasis on projects that may change our lives for the better. To get everyone up to speed, I’ll provide a brief history of drones.

The first drone or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was created by the Austrian military during World War I. The idea was to fill unmanned balloons with bombs and have them explode in the enemy’s territory. Unfortunately for the Austrians, the plan somewhat backfired when some of the balloons exploded in their own lines, killing several Austrian soldiers.
After being used my military-based operations for about a century, drones began to gain popularity in other fields and became more than just a warfare product. The consumer market greatly expanded as the quality of drones and added features consistently improved with ‘unicorn’ startup DJI leading the way. Over the years, drone technology has been introduced into various types of industries (discussed below), and the total market capitalization of commercial applications is over $ 127 billion U.S.
Drones have also become a part of social interactions as well through the countless drone competitions in which participants fly a specific parkour to become the best UAV-racer.
To provide developers, manufacturers, and end-users guidelines on how to handle these air-based robots, several countries have already implemented legislation regarding operating a drone.
Drone Verticals
The drone industry has entered the specialization phase which allows for various verticals to emerge. Let’s take a look at different industries where drones are implemented in various business models.
Transportation and Delivery Sector
The steady pace of urbanization in big cities around the world means massive traffic congestions, which no one likes! The number of cars on the road increases every day, leading to more traffic accidents and casualties. Luckily, various companies are trying to solve these issues by offering innovative solutions. Passenger drone project Volocopter has already finished a successful pilot study in Dubai. And Chinese manufacturer Ehang is also ready to offer its passenger drone to the public.
Amazon has officially started piloting Amazon Air, a delivery system whose goal is to deliver packages up to five pounds in 30 minutes or less using drones! As Amazon claims, “It looks like science fiction, but it’s real. One day, seeing Prime Air vehicles will be as normal as seeing mail trucks on the road.”
Supplying survivors of natural disasters with emergency aid kits has become easier with the help of cargo drones. Californian startup Matternet sent its cargo drones filled with food and medicine to Haiti after the country’s massive destructive earthquake back in 2010. And the United Nations World Food Program is a firm believer in deploying cargo drones to help feed those stuck in war zones.
Ambulance Drone
Healthcare Industry
Drones in the healthcare industry have already proven to be very useful in life-threatening situations. In the future, small indoor drones will be used to deliver the required daily medicine to bed-bound patients or nutritious, fresh meals to the elderly who cannot cook their own meals. In Rwanda, the Ministry of Health has teamed up with Silicon Valley-based robotics company, Zipline, to start the “Uber for blood”, a drone delivery service that delivers blood to hospitals in need of blood. If services run smoothly, Zipline will start another pilot in Tanzania.
TU Delft University is developing an Ambulance Drone, a “flying toolbox” carrying supplies for advanced life support. The drone can transform into a fully functioning automated external defibrillator (AED). As research has shown, the first few minutes after someone suffers a heart-attack are critical. By calling the emergency services, the ambulance drone can be deployed immediately to the person in need.
Police Drone
Government Solutions
Drones can be helpful to a police department on many fronts, like: monitoring hostile situations, locating victims after a disaster with the help a thermal camera-equipped drone, helping with the reconstruction of a multiple-car traffic accident, monitoring a crowd or analyzing a crime scene. And, according to pilot studies, fire departments can benefit from using drones to fight fires by connecting to hoses from water trucks on the ground, reaching far higher than ladders.
Energy Industry
Drone developments in the energy industry are also ongoing. Drones are cleaning wind turbines, which can improve production by up to 20%. By mapping oil spills or even locating potential oil and gas sites, drones can be used to simplify processes and lower cost.
At Kambria, we are passionate about supporting the development of frontier technologies. Drones are one of the main verticals we will target in the future.

By creating an open innovation ecosystem that incentivizes R&D collaboration, collaborating and incentivizing in research and development (R&D), Kambria aims to eliminate waste and inefficiencies that haunt the advanced technology industries.
Kambria offers an open source architecture where developers, manufacturers, universities, governments, innovators, and token users come together and form a community that rewards its contributors in native KAT tokens. Kambria’s codebase (K-DNA) which is the center of the platform, has all the key ingredients to start developing and deploying advanced technologies.
Kambria can help drone businesses accelerate by working together, sharing helpful information and resources and incentivizing people that contribute to the community. Whether it is developing new modes for transportation, providing the opportunity to build upon already existing healthcare devices, or speeding up the process of creating life-saving solutions, all can be facilitated by the Kambria platform.
A big part of Kambria’s business plan is focused on working together with universities. Kambria has already established partnerships with renowned universities worldwide that work on creating innovative and ground-breaking developments in the robotics and AI industry. Carnegie Mellon University, Stanford University, and Nanyang Technological University are three of the top universities that collaborate with Kambria.
In the meantime, the team is not sitting idle. Currently, the Kambria team is working on creating a low-cost, high-performance robotic arm that will be able to manipulate objects in the real world. At the same time, they are developing autonomous navigation which will enable food delivery robots and hotel room service robots.
As you can see, the drone vertical has enjoyed a steady increase in development over the years. Commercial and enterprise developed drones can solve many real-world problems. What do you believe will be the next drone invention that will disrupt this frontier technology?
The Kambria Team
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KAT is sold to be used on the Kambria platform.
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Buy a Keyois Capsule, less than 50 available

*This thread is no longer updated, please see: for current information *
The Keyois Capsule is a tamper evident yet stylish way to keep a secret key. Only fifty (50) of these first edition capsules will be made. If you guys like them another fifty might get made.
Benefits over a conventional paper cold storage wallet include:
What's wrong with my current cold storage?
At current rate you can order one of these for 0.1947 btc You can get one delivered for $111USD when sales officially open in mid-October; or $100 US if you order before I have get someone with a real camera to take some pictures. I am sorry it costs so much but it wasn't cheap to make. PM me and we will work out the details!
I am not transmitting you any money, I am engraving your key for you and putting it in this cool thing. You have to supply me with you bitcoin address and BIP38 encrypted key, you also have to promise you understand what you are doing and that you made a good pass phrase. These are not for beginners, if you don't understand how and why to make a strong BIP38 encrypted pass phrase then these are not for you. If you desperately want me to make you an unencrypted capsule I suppose I can do it but I will berate you for the poor decision to trust me (I don't trust you, why should you trust me).
There are 4 total powder coated black end pieces, there is also the possibility to powder coat more pieces however there are some logistical difficulties in that so I would need at least ten people who want the same color or someone willing to pay a lot more for colored caps.
For added security, I recommend you add a dab of glitter nail polish over the drilled out screw heads and take a high resolution photograph; you can use that for a comparison in the future if you ever fear an elaborate scheme has taken place to drill out your capsule, break apart your rings, and replace it all without your knowledge.
See how it was made, sort of
Please re-read BIP38 and do some research on password strength
There are some variations/customizations that you can chose from which include: Most notably, the center piece. Lab-created corundum, this is the mineral rubies and sapphires are made out of. 21 red ruby stones remain
21 blue sapphire stones remain
Assorted Sunstones 1 2 3 4
Assorted Opals 1 2 still 2 [3](
Half opal and sunstone
A mix of tourmaline gems
Some crystal rods 2 skinny quartz rods 1 2 1 fatter quartz rod 1 1 extra skinny selenite rod 1
Glowing vials are not available for sale online; they come in a few colors including: white green - gone green - gone green light blue - gone blue pink orange yellow red - gone purple
These items themselves are not numbered, in fact I purposely made them nice and smooth without any words or websites printed on them.
To arrange creation of your own Keyois capsule please comment here or send me a personal message before you send funds. Please be prepared to sign a message with your key.
There can be no refunds - pay to [this address](13kqk3uk2b577KBSjZuwKQT3MGD9mEaVJC) only - $111 USD worth of BTC


There are 50 capsules that will be made for this first edition. To get the ball rolling I have made seven capsules available that are already ready-to-go that are available for sale without providing me with a encrypted key and address; I'll send you everything already generated and secured.
  1. Not for sale - Green vial
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They aren't as prefect and blemish proof as I wanted so I am sorry if there are tiny imperfections on the item, however they should still be a pretty and useful btc piggy bank.
Also I have been playing with (and kind of scratching) 13 or the available 50. Two of those are the black powder coated capsules (with some imperfections). These scratched capsules (the ones used in the pictures) I will sell for a slight (10%) discount.
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Bitcoin Presentation - University of West Bohemia, Pilsen

I will give a humble presentation about Bitcoin at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. It is in the scope of Intelligent Software course, but doors are open also for general public (also short invitation aired in ČRo Plzeň (main state-run radio for Pilsen)).
First, fundamentals will be described in simple terms (currency; payment protocol). Then, Satoshi's story will be told (origins of the ideas; cypherpunk discussion groups; development of the first Bitcoin client) together with explanation of the workings of the original Bitcoin client (wallet + node + miner). Howto-s will be given for layman usage of Bitcoin (wallet installing; buying; sending; storing; Internet information sources), but also more technical details will be presented (source code; parsing blockchain; automating transactions). We are finishing with some visions and future outlooks (intelligent agents using Bitcoin; society - decentralization, privacy, freedom).
Looking forward to see you there! ;)
BTW - If you have any advices or sources I can use, please do not hesitate to reply/PM. Thanks!
Date & Time: Mon 2014-04-07 12:00
Duration: 2.5 - 3.5 h
Location: UL411 (UU407?) - 4th floor - KIV, FAV, ZČU; Univerzitní 22, Plzeň. See here
Attendance estimated: 30 - 60
Language: Czech
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