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Coinabul stole 64btc, looking for owner Jay Shore's address for civil lawsuit, $25 bitcoin reward

I placed an order for gold coins amounting to 64 btc over a month ago. I have not heard back from coinabul and when I browse the reddit posts on him it seems like lots of people have been scammed.
I am even finding out he was running a scam back in 2011 "selling" bogus ASIC miners and pocketing the coins. If you go back far enough this guy has been ripping people off for a long time, not just at coinabul.
I am putting together a civil lawsuit and plan on suing him personally, not coinabul. I need to serve him papers and for that I need his address.
He is in San Diego CA I believe. Any help would be appreciated.
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Buy Gold with Bitcoin – Seriously? Interview with Jay Shore of Coinabul

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09-18 20:04 - '**US Federal Reserve cuts interest rates for second time** / [[link]] / **The US central bank has cut interest rates for the second time since 2008 amid concerns about slowing global growth and trade wars.** / The Federal...' by /u/BitcoinAlways removed from /r/Bitcoin within 30-40min

US Federal Reserve cuts interest rates for second time
The US central bank has cut interest rates for the second time since 2008 amid concerns about slowing global growth and trade wars.
The Federal Reserve lowered the target range for its key interest rate by 25 basis points, to between 1.75% and 2%.
The bank said the cut is aimed at shoring up the US economy, amid "uncertainties" about future growth.
But officials were divided about the move and over the need for future rises.
Seven members of the Federal Reserve Open Markets Committee, which sets the rates, voted in favour of Wednesday's cut, including Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell.
Two members wanted to hold the rate steady, while one wanted to cut further.
Cutting rates - which US President Donald Trump has pushed the Fed to do more aggressively - helps fuel economic activity, by making it cheaper to borrow money for both businesses and consumers.
But with interest rates in the US already low by historic standards - and much of the economic uncertainty caused by White House actions - analysts have raised questions about how much rate cuts will help.
US markets fell after the Fed announced the cut on Wednesday.
Mr Trump, who has repeatedly attacked Mr Powell for not cutting rates faster, immediately lambasted the bank's decision on Twitter: "Jay Powell and the Federal Reserve Fail Again. No "guts," no sense, no vision! A terrible communicator!"
Policy shift
The Fed's decision to lower rates on Wednesday followed a similar cut in July and marks a reversal from its policy only a year ago, when America's healthy economy had convinced policy makers to enact a series of small hikes.
But US economic growth slowed to 2% in the second quarter, job creation has slipped and inflation remains lower than US policymakers would like.
In recent days, parts of the financial markets have also shown signs of a cash-crunch, temporarily pushing short-term interest rates above the Fed's target and prompting the bank to intervene.
In economic projections released on Wednesday, Federal Reserve policymakers said they expect the economy to grow 2.2% this year, faster than they forecast in June.
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Author: BitcoinAlways
1: www.*bc.c*.uk/*ews/bus*ne*s-4*74**5* 2: ***k/new*/bu**ness-4974*3**]^^*
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Log of AMA with - @Steven Sprague (Steven Sprague), @AmyV (Amy Vernon) @Alex-Rivetz

Disclaimer: ARK is regularly hosting Ask-me-Anything's of upcoming and promising cryptocurrency projects. Other than being the host, there is no relation between ARK and the featured cryptocurrency in this AMA. Keep in mind that ARK has no competitors - only future partners.
Dr10 Let us all welcome the team from @Steven Sprague (Steven Sprague), @AmyV (Amy Vernon) @Alex-Rivetz) . You can all start asking them questions. I'd ask team from Rivetz to use @ username to the one they are responding to and I'd like to ask all the community to give them some time to catch up if too many questions in backlog, before asking more so questions don't get lost. Thank you!
Steven Sprague @dr10 Thanks
AmyV hai Posted using /giphy (1 MB)
Alex-Rivetz Hello everyone! Pleasure to be here.
bohemiangreco :excellent:
breastjar Hi @Steven Sprague
dr10 Welcome :wave: Lets start with question number one: How would you sum-up the use-case of Rivetz short and easy? (edited)
M N ^ what problem(s) are you trying to solve?
tranzer What is Rivetz and its main purpose? Will you have your own blockchain or ERC20 token?
breastjar Looking at your product, you are aiming for businesses. Are there any partnerships yet?
Steven Sprague Rivetz Provides protection of the private keys and the formation of instructions using the isolated execution of the processor hardware that has been standardized by global platform and trusted computing standards. The goal is to provide a hardware quality of protection in the device you already own.
Steven Sprague @breastjar Yes the product will begin commercial distribution in Q1 and there are partners from ICO's to Telefonica that have been announced
breastjar So rivetz has to be implemented into the hardware?
bohemiangreco Why do you think there is a need for your "Hardware quality of protection"?
Steven Sprague Rivetz leverages the ARM truszone hardware already in your main processor the technology is deployed over the air and is a trustlette that is deployed in the measured Isolated execution.
Steven Sprague @bohemiangreco Because it is way to easy to steal access to keys and accounts from simple 2FA to full private key protection.
breastjar If you already deploy commercial distribution why do you need an ICO? 1 reply 7 hours ago View thread
dr10 Rivetz ICO is already over. They are traded already afaik. 1 reply 7 hours ago View thread
tranzer So are you your own blockchain or only providing solutions and have ERC20 tokens for investors? 1 reply 7 hours ago View thread
M N @Steven Sprague how does your system know what needs to be divided and secured... apps vs operating system vs. passwords and sensitive information? (edited)
AmyV @breastjar -> FYI, this is our partnership page: Rivetz Partnerships - Rivetz Rivetz is pleased to partner with a host of innovative companies in security, blockchain, mobile and other technology industries to offer stronger, simpler security for everyone! (27 kB)
tranzer Put Ark logo there it will look better :trollface:
Steven Sprague We chose to abandon a Venture backed round and pursue a stronger token model. Our original ideas in the space where written up in 2014 and it becam clear that an attestation Coin (2014) could become the Rivetz Cybersecurity Token RvT (2017) Decentralized security is key for all blockchain projects to assure that the data written to the Chain is provably intended.
breastjar @AmyV Thx :+1::skin-tone-2:
Lohis Has rivetz something to do with ark? Sorry i am new here @Steven Sprague
AmyV @Lohis - just friends of ARK. Your folks thought you might be interested in getting to chat with @Steven Sprague some :slightly_smiling_face:
Steven Sprague @bohemiangreco My team has a strong backgroung in running a Nasdaq Company in trusted computing and the Token market is the new model for software economics. Every porject using a blockchain needs to begin to consider how the actual Decentralized security will operate to assure the instruction sent to the chain or the contract is the instruction intended.
breastjar It is! @AmyV
Steven Sprague @Lohis Happy to discuss the application to ARK as well.
M N @Lohis Ark hosts AMA's for all types of different coins to learn about them.... they typically don't have anything specific to do with Ark, but there are usually a lot of potential use cases and future partnerships that could come out of them :slightly_smiling_face:
M N @Steven Sprague how does your system know what needs to be divided and secured... apps vs operating system vs. passwords and sensitive information?
Leon Is there discussion with the ARK team to embed RVT in the ARK mobile wallets?
dr10 No there is nothing yet, but its more like a meet and greet now. Getting to know Rivetz :wink:
Steven Sprague @M N We provide a developer tool kit so the android app developer can determine the components that should execute within the Isolated execution environment
sleepdeficit @Steven Sprague Will/Does Rivetz have other development APIs and wrappers available, and are you fully open-source?
M N @Steven Sprague so do you have to trust the developer to not put "backdoor" types of allowances or do you have guardrails in place to make sure they can't do that? 2 replies Last reply 7 hours ago View thread
Steven Sprague @Leon It is also interesting to note that it will be possible to Integrate attestation into the Chain as well so that validation of the health and integrity of a device that requests a transaction can be assured for the owner of the device enabling proof a transaction on a chain was done by a known device in a known condition with known controls for the owner of the device.
bobdigital @Steven Sprague - you mentioned having a product, is there a vid or a demo so we can see it in action?
AmyV @bobdigital -> I have been promised a narrated video of the beta we’re releasing this month. I should have it in the next few days (early next week at the latest). The current one is un-narrated. :slightly_smiling_face:
Leon At the token sale a lot of tokens were left unsold. These are currently vested by the company. Can you elaborate what will happen with those remaining tokens in the future? @Steven Sprague
bobdigital @AmyV - thanks, can we see the un-narrated? Please? :grin:
breastjar How will the blockchain add any value to your solution? I’m missing something
breastjar Or are the tokens more like shares?
Steven Sprague @M N The heart of the system is to prove attribution to the developer there is no anonymous code in the Rivetz Core if a back door where ever to be discovered it is possible to verify the source of that code. accidents can happen but what is important is to assure they are not repeated. the system also undergoes strong review and certifications at a number of levels from hardware on up.
AmyV @bobdigital - let me see if I can pry it out of their hands. :slightly_smiling_face:
Steven Sprague The purpose of the tokenis to both operate and monitize the system.
Shane It always sucks being the new guy, but new to crypto and Ark. Sounds like an amazing team, monetary potential is awesome, but even more interested in getting as far away from the central banking system as possible. Any advice on where to start or point me in the right direction?
Steven Sprague The integrity of the Chain is used to assure that Referance integrity measurements and policies are not altered. This is how a device can have automatic money that has policy so it can only be spent on specific utilities and not easily stolen by malware.
dr10 Not sure if I'm right, but I think "Sirin Labs" are working on a similar product like Rivetz. If you know them, what is the difference between Rivetz and Sirin Labs?
AmyV @dr10 -> They’re building their own hardware. Our product can be used with most hardware.
Steven Sprague @Shane Think of the model as living outside of the geospacial controlled systems. The Identity based models of blockchain are not bound by location. Just a network of secure devices and messages. Rivetz helps with the secure devices part. Tokens operate chains. Secure devices (Rivetz) operate tokens.
Steven Sprague Dr10 Rivetz will provide you with secure display and trusted input and Isolated measured execution in a Samsung S6 you already have.
djselery Pretty sure you just confused the new guy that doesn't know this is a live ama right now haha
Steven Sprague @djselery Just trying to help. :slightly_smiling_face:
Shane @Steven Sprague thank you man, i am trying to wrap my brain around the full scope and that helps!
dr10 It's all good :thumbsup:
M N @Steven Sprague this isnt' a tech question -- but what happened to your market cap here?
Leon Inflated futures price at HITBtc prior to token release
Steven Sprague @M N There was very early trading before the end of the ICO with 0 volume. As the company gets closer to delivering product and clearly showing the strength and potential of a few hundred million hardware wallets we think the market will understand what Drives Value.
sleepdeficit Sure... confused just the new guy... :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::
sleepdeficit @Steven Sprague So, basically use different metrics--like messages/device-associations/etc--to help authenticate? Like merkle tree of associations?
Shane haha pretty much but thats ok
Steven Sprague @sleepdeficit Yes Both internal and External measurements can be included prior to the release of a Private Key for 2FA, BTC, or secure messaging. The tech can be applied to blockchain but can be also used with Gmail or other services.
Shane thats why i'm here, to learn shit I don't know, no shame in that
JayCrypto Welcommen to ark
bobdigital So basically, Rivetz would turn my cell phone into a LedgeTrezor?
Steven Sprague We store a reference signature of the internal and external measurments and then assure that the same Reference is matched in realtime as a policy enforcement point on a decentralized basis.
Steven Sprague @bobdigital YES with benefit of realtime attestation that the gode is what you expect and the ability to add external controls like location or time of day.
clarissa- Turning my phone into a ledgetrezor, now that’s interesting.
M N @Steven Sprague are you PoW or PoS based? (edited)
clarissa- Interesting AND useful
breastjar So @Steven Sprague Does your app also work when my phone is offline
Steven Sprague You can think of Trusted execution as a Private smart contract running in your device to assure the policy you set is securely followed without sharing data to the public network. For example access to my 2FA is only possible if I am in my house to connect to my bank and I do not have to tell my bank I require it.
Steven Sprague @breastjar Yes,
dr10 What kind of ideas or use-cases do you see for IoT-devices and the internet of things in general?
mike does rivetz have a github repository available to look at?
dr10 With rivetz in use
sleepdeficit @mike GitHub Rivetz GitHub is where people build software. More than 26 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 73 million projects.
1somad BRB, need to buy some RVT
mike can we add rivetz to a mobile wallet?
Steven Sprague @dr10 All of IoT is based on sending secure instruction very much like a wallet does for BTC. Rivetz provides the tools to hold you hotel Key securely or your Aston Martin keys. All of IOT needs data integrity as part of the model and Rivetz enables those capabilities. When you mix IOTA and RvT you can deliver end to end security. This will be more and more critical as people expect automated IOT operations.
bobdigital @Steven Sprague - RvT is currently an ERC20 coin. Are their plans to use the same tech on other chains?
dr10 Where is Rivetz based or where are your headquarters/offices?
tranzer Wasn't IOTA just announced as shit for IOT? 1 reply 7 hours ago View thread
sleepdeficit @Steven Sprague Can haz C++ libs?
Steven Sprague @mike Yes We are already engaged with a number of wallet providers and hope to add more.
Steven Sprague @sleepdeficit We will be providing the full tools and libraries in January Including support for C++
AmyV Steven didn’t say this! - @mike Yes We are already engaged with a number of wallet providers and hope to add more.
:wink: No announcements until the partnerships are official.
Steven Sprague @bobdigital The ERC20 Token is used today as the primary store of value for RvT the secondary store will be a utility account on a device that is funded and refunded by the EFC20 token We expect there to be multiple chains supported by RvT
moonman So the token is useless?
breastjar Will your product be available to both iOS and Android
clarissa- What I would really love to see one day is having a secure wallet (using rivetz tech) which can link up with tenx (or similar crypto to $) and work seamlessly with Google pay/Apple pay type of “pay wave” technology
clarissa- That’ll really go full circle
Shane So basically I can use a wallet, use/trade tokens through a smart phone and be safe and secure due to being backed by Rivetz, correct?
Steven Sprague @moonman The token is used to carry the attesation assurance between devices and services and to act as a source of Funds it is a utility token required to enable and operate the Rivetz hardware assurance capabilities.
moonman Why do you need that instead of a plain smart contract, except for artificial vendor lockdown?
numba1enigma alot of people giving thumbs up totally layed into me when asking about rivitz back when they were doing thier ico.
Auph What are the tangible assets of Rivetz at the moment?
Steven Sprague @Shane That is our goal to provide you with a safer and simpler experieince on 10's of millions of existing devices. Secure messaging will also assure that the data transmitted can be proven to come from a known source.
Steven Sprague @moonman The problem is if I steal your key or modify the data you send to a smart contract then it can not be proven. The integration of Trusted Execution to enhance the quality and provability of the instructions is key to the future of blockchain.
moonman How does the token help with that? It's not related to being an ERC20 token.
Steven Sprague @ auph approximately 26 Million dollars
Candler @Steven Sprague did you mean to type IOTA or did you mean IOT generally?
Auph How are they being valuated?
moonman Rivetz just sounds like a glorified VPN wrapped in an ERC20 token for the purpose of getting on on the ICO bubble.
moonman Explain how it isn't?
Steven Sprague @Candler I meant both. IOTA is an example of interesting tech but suffers form if I steal the private key you know nothing.
Candler ah I see, and rvt would shore up that problem for iota
arno What exactly is Trusted Execution?
Steven Sprague @moonman Rivetz leverage the 30 Billion investment in Isolated execution within the hardware processor of your Smart phone to execute Measured Isolated Code to assure the protection of your private key and the formation of an assured and provable instruction. It also can leverage realtime attestation to assure the measured Isolated enviroment is in the condition you expect and verify both Internal assurance controls and any External cloud controls or enterpise security and bind it into a digital proof of the transaction formation. Your private keys if stolen can not be detected. This how decentralized security needs to be built. Blockchain is by its nature can not be secured by classic enterpise network security tools.
moonman Can I get that without the buzzwords? VPN software can already utilize hardware to isolate execution.
whyfhy so can a tor node
whyfhy aka verge mining
moonman And if the phone has no way to execute in isolation your software wouldn't help. Are you also providing a hardware product?
Steven Sprague @arno Trusted Execution is a set of standards developed by the Trustedcomputing and and provide a measured and isolated execution within the chips on most modern processors.
ark__life :cold_sweat:
Delegate40 Why not just make a dapp and use Eth rather than your own token?
whyfhy :confused:
moonman If you're not providing a specific hardware product, then as I said you're just wrapping low level VPN-esque software in an ERC20 token and cashing in on the ICO bubble.
moonman What makes you different?
Steven Sprague @ moonman we only support Phones that have the embedded security Aproximately 1 billion have shipped in the last 4 years.
moonman Ok so you have no hardware product. You're a "VPN" with an ERC20 token then?
moonman Why use you over any other software that can utilize iPhone's embedded security?
sleepdeficit @moonman If Ark couldn't pay people to develop Ark, there wouldn't be much of a way to pay for Ark being developed.
Candler @Steven Sprague What are your thoughts on proof of stake model with Rivetz?
moonman @sleepdeficit Did companies not exist before cryptos? :hmmm:
sleepdeficit @moonman Of course they did, and new business models are always emerging.
Steven Sprague @moonman no a VPN is a connections based model and would not apply to a decentralized system as you can't "VPN"to bitcoin. the blockchain already uses secure messaging we ar emaking the formation of messages SAFE.
Auph iphone's embedded security is local, and it's not 100% safe. It can be hacked locally
moonman Hence why I put "VPN" in quotes. It's the same concept but different protocol/model.
moonman My question is why you need an ERC20 token to do this when there are no features that are gained by doing so other than vendor lockdown.
Steven Sprague @chandler Proof of stake is an interesting model with and proof of stake with Rivetz could be a very interesting way to build new models for Chains.
moonman I understand paying for software, I'm asking why an ERC20 token that ultimately is just an extension of ETH and ETH can do whatever you want to accomplish via smart contract (see: cryptokitties for proper use of dapps on the chain without tokens). (edited)
dr10 OK, we are approaching the 60 minutes mark. Any last questions for Rivetz team? Anything the team would like to add or tell - feel free to do.
Steven Sprague @moonman Have a look we did a cutome verion of a chain a year ago with fully embedded attestation so the nodes are policy enforement points We will transition in this direction as development matures.
moonman You're not answering my question though.
moonman So you intend to have your own chain?
moonman Why the ERC20 token then?
moonman Just to have an IOU for later?
numba1enigma civic has iou no
Steven Sprague @moonman We will use the ERC20 and our own chain in the long term We expect them to interact closely.
bobdigital @numba1enigma - yes they do. Others do too...
moonman Why are you using ERC20 instead of just ETH.
moonman It's a direct question.
moonman You don't need ERC20 to use smart contracts.
moonman Or for identification/auth/anything else you're doing.
sleepdeficit @moonman Is this different than crowdfunding, and is development into a sole platform a bad thing? (edited)
moonman Having a separate platform is good.
Steven Sprague @moonman We felt ERC20 was a good fit for us at the time
moonman The ERC20 token is what makes no sense.
moonman My question is why @Steven Sprague
moonman For crowdfunding exclusively then?
sleepdeficit @moonman Not speaking for them, but I'm sure different things became more obvious as development matured.
Steven Sprague Crowdfunding was a good fit for ERC20 The builiding of the token market is anew model for everyone.
breastjar If only ark had the “one-click” blockchain option finished
breastjar :trollbounce:
dr10 Okay, seems we're approached the end. Thank you Steven, Amy and Alex for taking the time to do this AMA! All the best with the project and you are always welcome to hang around our Slack.
P.S.: Feel free to share your website and social media pages. :thumbsup:
AmyV Thanks, @dr10 and to everyone for the excellent questions.
I think there were a few questions missed in the fray, and I’ll work with Steven to get them answered and share them with you. :slightly_smiling_face:
SuperCool :clapping:
whyfhy i know right ark has such a bright future , to bad 1 click blockchain didnt happen during ico bubble (i think its over imo i mean are you guys buying icos")
Endeby nice AMA!
Steven Sprague Thanks everyone for your time
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DO NOT Order From at the moment. The business is at a stand-still and no orders are being filled.

I had heard some troubling things about, so I placed a very small order just as a tester. I'm glad I tested, but I'm not happy with the results. Got this email a week later:
Hi everyone,
I just wanted to get in touch to let you all know what's going on in regards to the current order queue. Circumstances outside of our >control have led to processing delays, and while we always do our best to >get your products to you as quickly as possible, there is little we can do to fix the situation overnight.
In essence, the financial industry within the USA where Coinabul is >based has started to indiscriminately close any accounts belonging to >Bitcoin companies and individuals alike, should your activities come to their attention. Additionally, if you as a known Bitcoin user try to open a >bank account, you will be refused with one of three reasons; 1: No reason >given, 2: You pose a risk to the bank, 3: Anyone dealing with bitcoin MUST >be a MSB. This means that every financial institution that we have dealt >with up to this point has shut our accounts down, and that any we've tried >to open new accounts with have rejected us.
After a huge amount of research into the cause, we were finally able >to determine that the banking industry has decided that until regulations >are passed in the USA which specifically govern the responsibilities of >banks within the scope of servicing Bitcoin clients, the compliance risk of servicing the Bitcoin market is too high.
While this situation is certainly dreary, and does not bode well for the future of Bitcoin in the USA, we have been extremely proactive in >working to fix the problem. I've inquired with around 40 financial institutions >at this point, filtering out those which are incapable of satisfying our requirements, those who refuse to deal with any Bitcoin related >entities, those who refuse to deal with precious metals retailers, those that >refuse to deal with wire transfers in the volumes that Coinabul needs, and >those who will not work with us due to a limited geographic service area. >Out of all of those institutions, the number who are willing to even >CONSIDER opening accounts for me can be counted on one hand, and all of >them require a lot of convincing to actually open accounts. So far, none of the >banks I've inquired at have actually been willing to establish a business relationship with Coinabul, although it looks like a couple might come through and provide an account this week.
In the mean time, I've been engaging in some significant restructuring >to alleviate this situation and ensure it will never be a major problem in >the future as it has been for the last month. At huge cost to us, I've >been working with a large team of attorneys to mitigate the issue >permanently. Although I can't elaborate on the details of how exactly our solution works, I am extremely excited to start utilizing our new infrastructure >as soon as this coming Monday. Once our new systems go live, we >should be able to process all outstanding orders within a matter of a few days and >zero out the queue(fingers crossed).
I want to thank all of you for your incredible patience over the last month. I know that waiting on a shipment for weeks is the last thing >you want to do when you make a purchase online, whether with dollars or Bitcoins, and I totally commiserate with you guys in terms of the >absolute frustration encountered as a result. As a whole you guys have been extremely understanding. It's certainly not ideal on our end to have >to drop everything to only focus on one task during a month-long >emergency, and having a customer base demonstrate such amazing patience >really helps when faced with such an extraordinarily frustrating situation.
A large portion of outstanding orders have already gotten tracking >numbers in the last couple days, but for those who have not we'll get your >order shipped to you as soon as is possible. We're shipping as much as we >can in light of the circumstances, so keep an eye on your email for tracking information. Thanks again for your patience, and feel free to inquire if you have any questions or comments.
-Jay Shore
I will update, when/if I ever get my order.
For those interested, in the time it took for me to get this email from Coinabul after I ordered, I already had two orders completed and delivered from Agora Commodities.
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Navy SEALS: America's Secret Warriors: Urban Combat - Full ... Ex-best friend admits to one night stand - YouTube DON’T PAY with Cash or Debit!! This is better... - YouTube YouTube When You Talk Trash And It Actually Works - YouTube

The narrative that inflation arising from the massive coronavirus stimulus efforts would lead to a long-term rise in bitcoin's price is looking weak with new data from the Federal Reserve. PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Rapid Reshore & Development (RR&D), an alliance of three specialized firms coming together to provide turnkey professional services for the life ... In the first week of July, Jay Shore got bad news. U.S. Bank and Chase informed him they were closing the accounts for his company, Coinabul, a San Diego-based precious metals buyer that sells ... Dezember gab die Bitcoin Circuit SEC die Neueinstellung bekannt. In der Pressemitteilung wurde ausgeführt, dass Littman 2010 als Personalanwalt in der Abteilung für Durchsetzung des SEC begann. Seitdem hat sie mehrere leitende Anwaltspositionen in der Market Abuse Unit und der Trial Unit inne. Seit August 2017 ist sie leitende Beraterin des SEC-Vorsitzenden Jay Clayton. In dieser Funktion ... Portal de series y películas para ver online o descargar gratis. Mira todas tus series y películas a la carta, marca tus fichas favoritas, crea o sigue listas... ¡y mucho más!.

[index] [46490] [28787] [4460] [1219] [3863] [6314] [48441] [7331] [43137] [38889]

Navy SEALS: America's Secret Warriors: Urban Combat - Full ...

When a terrorist insurgency turns Iraqi cities into cauldrons of violence, the Navy SEALs help turn the tide in Season 2, Episode 3, "Urban Combat". #NavySEA... Remember the saying “Cash is king?” Well, I think we’re slowly entering an era where cash no longer has quite the power and leverage it once used to have…her... One roommate wanted someone quiet, the other wanted someone to help with the chores. So, they compromised and found a mime to be their third roommate. Subscr... Thanks to Raycon for sponsoring this video! Go to for 15% off your order! Brought to you by Raycon Music provided by the tal... Today 4pm BST 11am ET 8am PT Free live stream link here: Tune in live to watch our epic four hour live stre...